Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facing reality

Today started off ok and ended a little hard. We went to the fetal medicine specialists this morning for another ultrasound to check on Judah's growth and see how he is progressing. He weighs approximately 2 pounds 4 ounces...but he is measuring about 2 weeks ahead of 'schedule' and apparently that is worrisome. I go for my glucose screening to check for gestational diabetes on the 4th of August and if that comes out abnormal then that could be the cause. Micah and a lot of babies born in his family have been big so they said maybe it just runs in the family...but it seems they are trying to find a more concrete thing to pin it on.
They got some pictures in 3D of his cleft for the first time today. When I saw it I didn't really have a reaction...I actually was kind of ok, but as the day went on I found myself getting a little down about it. I guess part of me held out hope that it was misdiagnosed and it would turn out that nothing was wrong at all. The reality of it really started to hit hard...Overall, I guess the appointment was nice and disappointing all at the same time. I attached the pictures to the end of the post...His umbilical cord was next to the right side of his face so it looks a little distorted over there and they said it made the quality of the images a little fuzzy...but you can make out the cleft in his lip on the left side. They still say it is unilateral but the doctor today said it does appear to be complete, meaning it goes all the way into the nose. They still don't know if he has cleft palate as well, and probably won't be able to tell until he is born.
Some good news is that he is turned head down so they said we probably won't have to worry about him being a breech baby!