Wednesday, May 2, 2012

6 Months

A little late, but time for the 6 month update!
Judah's first half-birthday was April 24th. His doctors appointments always seem to be exactly on his birthdays and we visited his pediatrician that day. He was 27 inches long and 16.1 pounds. They said he looked great and everything was fine. We have to go back on July 24th because they want to do some blood work before his surgery to make sure he isn't anemic. His palate surgery is still scheduled for August 24th and we don't go back to Birmingham until the day before to do his pre-op stuff.
We feel incredibly lucky that he has healed so well in just 3 short months.

He is not crawling yet but he wants to so badly! He is doing so well with his pushups but can't seem to get anywhere (unless he's rolling there). Judah spends most of his time standing in his jumper...I think since he can't figure out this crawling thing he thinks he can just skip it and start walking. ;] He can also sit up by himself in short bursts.
It was nice not having to deal with anything 'cleft related' for a while... then we started trying solid foods, but as we tried more things we realized that it wasn't going to be as easy as we first thought. He gets really aggravated and you can tell he is uncomfortable, so to avoid him forming oral aversions that will impact him later on, I just don't push it right now. We are getting to the point now where he will soon get set up with a speech therapist to work with him and keep him on track. I can tell he is not making enough consonant sounds (so far just M) but he tries, and makes a lot of other sounds, squeals and growls.

 We went swimming for the first time a few days ago and Judah loves it! He splashes and rides around in his float; he especially loves it when there are other kids playing...he thinks he is so big and can play right along with them. Until something else comes up, this is how we'll be spending the next couple of months!